16 Dec 2011

Dawn in a Dream

Something beginning
A new start
Something `dawning' on you
Anticipation or dread
Take note of what kind of dawn it appears to be - does it look inviting? Forbidding?

7 Dec 2011

Ice in a Dream

Frozen energy
Stuck ideas
Things on hold
Need for rest and reflection
Memories from long ago

Thawing ice

Ideas or energy beginning to flow
New cycle of life

23 Nov 2011

Dream Nest

making a cosy home
a surprise discovery
air element
protecting something
nature and the countryside

13 Nov 2011

Dream Ruins

Ancient history
Your family?
A relationship?
The past
Unearthing things
Buried treasures
Something that was ruined
Past beliefs - do they still serve you or are they holding you back?

10 Nov 2011


Dreams about spiders provide a very good example of the way in which symbols and metaphors can mean very different things to different people. This is why one cannot interpret another person's dream - one can only help them to discover their own insights and truths.

For some people spiders are scary and threatening - probably especially true if you live in a part of the world where they may be poisonous. So for these people, spider dreams might be about something a bit scary that is emerging from the unconscious. But spiders are also mysterious and beautiful.
In shamanic spiritual traditions the whole of creation is often seen as a huge, shimmering, interconnected web of energy. Myths from all over the world describe Spider’s energy as the divine female energy. She is the weaver of destiny and the universe, the source of divine creativity. 

In Native American myth Grandmother Spider is the one who brings fire and teaches humans how to make fire-baked pottery as well as skills in spinning and weaving. One beautiful myth tells of how she laced a web with dew and threw it into the sky, where it became the myriad twinkling stars. The Dayaks of Borneo tell the story of how the world began with a spider hanging on a celestial web in the endless darkness of space. Gradually all kinds of creatures and plants landed on her web and became enmeshed in the fabric of creation. 

So spider dreams can also represent the quest for the Soul Centre, and the idea of being both centred within the self and simultaneously connected with all that is - like Spider, sitting at the centre of her cosmic web, with her delicate feet on all the strands. In other words there is a great awareness of the oneness of everything, including that which we normally tend to see as a small and separate Self.

21 Oct 2011


Birds are very important in the dream world and they often act as spiritual messengers, and as go-betweens between the inner and outer worlds. There are many useful websites that will help you to discover the particular energy of your dream birds. Obviously a lot depends on the type of bird you dream about. Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but remember, as always, your dream is unique to you and only you can discover its real truth.

Seagull - travel, the ocean, the unconscious, water element
Wren - small but powerful, busy, woodlands and trees
Robin - friend, gardens, tradition, earth, digging
Kingfisher - flash of inspiration, magic, water, rivers and pools, joyful spirit
Swift - freedom, mastery of flight, air, speed
Owl - night, secrets, death and rebirth, magic, psychic messages
Heron - water, poetry, patience, camouflage
Wild goose - travel, movement, adventure, call of the soul
Cockerel - wake up call, pride, flaunting your skills
Humming bird - dreams, the Otherworld, magic, manifesting
Cuckoo - return of spring, or new energy; mockery, cunning, concealment
Raven - ancient wisdom, Goddess power, death and rebirth, battles

You might already have some strong ideas of your own to add to these suggestions - why not start a Bird Oracle of your own in the back of your journal?

14 Oct 2011


If you dream about old junk it might mean that it's time for a good space-clearing session. This might be in the outer world, sorting out your wardrobe perhaps, or giving the kitchen a thorough going over.

Or it might be in the world of your psyche - is it time to take stock, move on, let go of old energy patterns and ways of thinking that are no longer helpful?

Have good look for other pointers in your dream:
  • Where is it set? Basements and cellars often connect with buried stuff we have shut away and are not keen to unearth. Attics might be to do with family history, or more spiritual matters (because they are `high up').
  • Who else is in the dream? Are there `issues' that need to be looked at in connection with those people?
  • How do you feel? Depressed? Energised? Confused? Scared?
  • Is the junk recognisable stuff - perhaps stuff from childhood, or earlier in your life. If so then your obstacle in life might be somehow connected with this period.
Sorting through junk also often occurs as part of the`delay' type of dream. Have a look at what kind of junk is holding you back.

6 Oct 2011


Most people dream about food from time to time. This may mean that you are actually hungry - but these dreams may also give clues to our feelings about security, or being nurtured or fulfilled.

If you dream about food take note of how you feel in your dream. Is the food stuff that you enjoy, or is it something that you dislike? Is it nutritious and wholesome, or is it rancid or off in some way?

Who is with you in your dream? Are you sharing the food amicably? Or is someone forcing you to eat something you don't like, or withholding food from you? Is the food interesting or is it dull, tasteless and boring?

Look for other clues as to what your dream is really about. Where is it set? How are you behaving in your dream?

3 Oct 2011

The Sea

The unconscious
The deep feminine
Travel and adventure
Boundaries and edges
Primeval energy
The ancestors

21 Aug 2011

Cellars & Basements

Dreams involving cellars and basements are often about your past, or family history, or both. Think about stuff you have stored, repressed, shut away, not dealt with. Very likely stuff that you no longer need cluttering up your psyche!

The basement or cellar may also represent the unconscious - so if you find yourself exploring the cellar of a dream house then be prepared for thoughts, feelings or past experiences that you had forgotten about that may begin emerging into the light of day.

Take special note of how you feel when you are down there, and look for other clues such as the kind of house your cellar is in, the clothes you are wearing and so on. Pointers such as these may help you to pinpoint where and when the blocked or forgotten energy that is represented in your dream originated. Take note too of any obvious symbols - for example I dreamed the other day that I was trying to get into a bathroom in the basement to have a bath. This dream could be about something that I am trying to `cleanse' or release from my psyche. I `re-entered' this dream later on by visualising myself soaking in a deep bubble bath with candles. One could also do this in reality of course.

If you don't have a cellar/basement dream then you could try doing a waking visualisation exploring one. Imagine the house first, then find a door, go down the steps into the cellar and see what you've got stored away down there - it can be quite interesting!

4 Aug 2011

Dreaming in colour

Do you dream in colour?
I most definitely do - this painting was made after I dreamed about a tiny red dragon. But some people reckon not to. Interestingly this was more commonly reported when TV and films were black and white. Nowadays more people say they dream in colour.

Choose a colour you would like to work with. Let's say red, just as an example. Make yourself a red meditation altar on a table, or in a corner of your room. You could put a red candle on it, a red crystal, pictures of red things, red flowers and so on.

Choose one of your red things when you go to bed. Place it near where you sleep and just before you drift off, say to yourself, aloud if you like, but in your head is fine: tonight I would like to dream about red.

As soon as you wake up, write down any dreams you can recall. If there is something red in your dream pay special attention to its message.

You will find more about dreaming in colour in my book Exploring Your Dreams, which is available now.

30 Jul 2011


The Otherworld
Portal to the world of faery
The voice of the soul
Grace and swiftness
Mysteries of the forest and wild places

22 Jul 2011

Dream Swifts

Mastery of the air element
Joy and exuberance
Living on air

18 Jul 2011

Random Stones

One of the most fascinating aspects of dreamwork is the idea of metaphor - the way in which things can stand for, or remind us, of other things. So in a dream a cloud might represent foggy thinking, or a chair might suggest to us that it's time for us to `take a back seat'. This session is to help you explore metaphor through looking at an everyday object.

Go out for a walk and find a random stone. It can be any stone that presents itself - it might feel mysterious, heavy, fun, threatening, beautiful, ugly etc. The choice is entirely up to you. The stone in the picture is haematite, a very heavy, dark stone, so good for exploring deeply hidden issues and the shadow self.

When I first found the stone I saw a picture of a hooded thing on it. Can you see him? He is facing to the right, wearing a loose habit like a monk, with his hood drawn up over his head. I saw him as being very powerful, dangerous even, but very protective towards myself.

Many random images and metaphors can be seen from different angles, and viewed differently by different people.Or even by the same person on different occasions: this morning I see a new image in my stone. A figure with a wide, spreading protective cloak, holding and protecting a rather sad, crumpled smaller figure.

Have a good look at your own stone and then write about what you see and feel. It's a good idea to keep a special journal for this - you can read more about keeping a personal development journal in my new book Exploring Your Dreams, which is available on Amazon.

Now for a dream...take your random stone to bed and hold it in your left hand just before going to sleep. Say to yourself `I am programming this stone as a dream stone. I ask my unconscious to bring me a dream using this stone.'

Put the stone under your pillow. As soon as you wake up, either during the night or in the morning, see if you can recall a dream, or a dream snippet. Write it down in your journal.

  • Did your stone actually appear in your dream?
  • Did your dream relate to what you wrote about your stone in your journal before?
  • Is your stone telling you something?

24 Jun 2011

Birch Tree

Northern lands
Shamanic wisdom
Brooms for witches and wise women
New beginnings
Cleansing and exorcism
Grace and beauty
Lady of the Woods

16 Jun 2011


Ancient magic
The Dreamtime
The Otherworld
Change and shattering of illusions
Powerful healing

23 May 2011

Storm in a Dream

Violent emotions
Blocked emotions rising from the unconscious
New energy
Difficult descisions
A stormy phase in life

20 May 2011

Listen to Your Dreams

From today's Weird and Wonderful on the BBC website:
`Gregor Mendel (1822-84), the monk who founded the science of genetics, failed his teacher training course at the age of 28, getting his lowest marks in the biology paper. He taught all his life but never managed to pass the exam.'

Pay attention to your dreams. They are the gateway to your unconscious, the mysterious, magical, shining world, full of many possibilities. Honour yourself, and never be afraid to be who you really are - we all have unique talents that don't necessarily fit in with the accepted world view.

15 May 2011

Founding a priory

The founding of Mountgrace Priory in North Yorkshire in 1398 involved a predictive dream.The founder,  Thomas Holland, had a dream of seven stars who knelt before him. He was then visited by seven men who knelt before him asking him for money to found the priory.

It's a wonderful, atmospheric place, and if you want the full story you can find it in the museum there. The Carthusian monks who lived there all lived separately, each in his own `cell'. This was not the tiny damp prison you might imagine, but a delightful little two story hobbit hole, with its own vegetable patch, private cloister and toilet with fresh, running water - and all meals delivered via a special little hatch. That was some dream!

19 Apr 2011

Dream Violets

Sweet secrets
Elemental beings of woods and hedgerows
Love tokens
Peaceful sleep
Healing and calming

The colour violet is associated with the crown chakra and spiritual awakening, so watch out for it in your dreams - it may herald healing at a physical, mental or spiritual level.

13 Apr 2011


Fun and happiness
Frivolity and joy
Miniature worlds - seeing the small details
The Goddess; Great Mother archetype

6 Apr 2011

Dream Celandines

Hope and joy
New energy
Freedom from many kinds of prison
Fun and happy times
Waking nature spirits

31 Mar 2011

A dream coincidence

Coincidences are fascinating - they seem to occupy a place somewhere between the `real' world and the dream world, where strange things can happen that hint that perhaps time and the universe work in complicated, convoluted ways we don't really understand. If you record your dreams you may find that coincidences occur between the dream world and the waking world.

A few nights ago I dreamed that somebody gave me a mouse to look after. It ran up my arm onto my shoulder and then escaped, vanishing into a big tangled nest of hay. It's tail was left sticking out and I wondered whether I should try to grab it.

Next day I was reading Sons and Lovers, and read the following, when Mr Morel is telling his children about an incident down the pit:
`When I went to put my coat on at snap time, what should go runnin' up my arm but a mouse.
`Hey up, theer!' I shouts.
An' I wor just in time ter get 'im by th' tail.'

This is a typical dream coincidence - it is small and apparently meaningless, and yet at the same time steeped in mystery. Of course all dream coincidences are also predictive dreams in a sense, because one cannot count coincidences that occur first in the real world and then in a dream. Incidentally, I didn't realise until I wrote this post that the `hay' in my dream also appears in the quote, but as a pun!

25 Mar 2011

Dream Rainbow

This one is a bit faint, but it was a real beauty, set against the backdrop of wild indigo sky and ochre fell-side, near where I live, so I wanted to share it.

Hope after hard times
Peace after a storm
Messages from higher beings

The rainbow resonates with all four elements at once, so it is an important magical, transformational symbol:
Earth - where the rainbow meets the land
Air - sky
Fire - light from the sun
Water - rain

In British mythology a pot of gold - the goal of alchemical transformation - is to be found at the foot of the rainbow. Of course it's not easy to locate, as the rainbow shifts its position as you move towards it. And if you do find it it turns out to be fairy gold of course - it generally turns into dead leaves or some such overnight. Once, somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, I had the weird and uncanny experience of driving right through a rainbow. I can't explain this, but odd things do happen to me periodically!

4 Mar 2011

Fossil in a Dream

My dark moon dream involved a fossil. Somehow this feels like a very dark moon energy, powerful and mysterious....
Things long buried
Ancient, archetypal wisdom
The vastness of time

10 Feb 2011


I was delighted the other night to dream that there were two toads in my garden. I love toads and they were a great favourite of my Grandmother, who actually looked rather like one.

Toads have unfairly had a very bad press in the past, often being seen as evil and poisonous. Some species do have an irritant in their skin that is used for self defence, but they are not evil of course. In the Middle Ages they were associated with witches, devils and bad spells. Witches were supposed to have made `flying ointment' from toads - I can't help wondering if there is a dim, race memory here of ancient, shamanic practices. We know that shamans used the poisonous fly agaric toadstool to go on hallucinogenic trips to the Otherworld, so maybe toad ointment was used in a similar way by our distant ancestors.

What is certain is that negative ideas such as the toad being so evil arose from church propaganda, and have nothing to do with real pagan beliefs. It is tragic that many toads - and Wise Women - died horrible deaths as a result of this bigotry and ignorance. The toad was also seen as having the gift of immortality, and was supposed to carry a magical jewel in her head. No doubt many toads died in vain as silly people searched for it.

The toad does carry a jewel - but it is a metaphorical one - they have exquisitely beautiful golden eyes, and they are quiet, unassuming little animals, living close to the earth in humble, damp places. This may have given rise to their connection in folk-lore with the Goddess, and Mother Earth. Like other amphibians, their ability to live in both water and in air, and their unusual life-cycle, changing utterly from tadpole to adult, has made people associate them with metamorphosis and changing luck.

So - what if you dream of a toad? It's really up to you how you see the message! Some people (misguidedly in my opinion), see them as repulsive, even dangerous and evil. To dream of a toad, or a frog may indicates big changes coming up in one's life. The toad's ability to shed its skin as it grows reinforces this idea. And for me? As I painted this little picture I felt peaceful and grounded and I knew that for me the energy of Toad is magical, connecting me to the earth and the wisdom of my grandmothers.