31 Mar 2011

A dream coincidence

Coincidences are fascinating - they seem to occupy a place somewhere between the `real' world and the dream world, where strange things can happen that hint that perhaps time and the universe work in complicated, convoluted ways we don't really understand. If you record your dreams you may find that coincidences occur between the dream world and the waking world.

A few nights ago I dreamed that somebody gave me a mouse to look after. It ran up my arm onto my shoulder and then escaped, vanishing into a big tangled nest of hay. It's tail was left sticking out and I wondered whether I should try to grab it.

Next day I was reading Sons and Lovers, and read the following, when Mr Morel is telling his children about an incident down the pit:
`When I went to put my coat on at snap time, what should go runnin' up my arm but a mouse.
`Hey up, theer!' I shouts.
An' I wor just in time ter get 'im by th' tail.'

This is a typical dream coincidence - it is small and apparently meaningless, and yet at the same time steeped in mystery. Of course all dream coincidences are also predictive dreams in a sense, because one cannot count coincidences that occur first in the real world and then in a dream. Incidentally, I didn't realise until I wrote this post that the `hay' in my dream also appears in the quote, but as a pun!

25 Mar 2011

Dream Rainbow

This one is a bit faint, but it was a real beauty, set against the backdrop of wild indigo sky and ochre fell-side, near where I live, so I wanted to share it.

Hope after hard times
Peace after a storm
Messages from higher beings

The rainbow resonates with all four elements at once, so it is an important magical, transformational symbol:
Earth - where the rainbow meets the land
Air - sky
Fire - light from the sun
Water - rain

In British mythology a pot of gold - the goal of alchemical transformation - is to be found at the foot of the rainbow. Of course it's not easy to locate, as the rainbow shifts its position as you move towards it. And if you do find it it turns out to be fairy gold of course - it generally turns into dead leaves or some such overnight. Once, somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, I had the weird and uncanny experience of driving right through a rainbow. I can't explain this, but odd things do happen to me periodically!

4 Mar 2011

Fossil in a Dream

My dark moon dream involved a fossil. Somehow this feels like a very dark moon energy, powerful and mysterious....
Things long buried
Ancient, archetypal wisdom
The vastness of time