23 May 2011

Storm in a Dream

Violent emotions
Blocked emotions rising from the unconscious
New energy
Difficult descisions
A stormy phase in life

20 May 2011

Listen to Your Dreams

From today's Weird and Wonderful on the BBC website:
`Gregor Mendel (1822-84), the monk who founded the science of genetics, failed his teacher training course at the age of 28, getting his lowest marks in the biology paper. He taught all his life but never managed to pass the exam.'

Pay attention to your dreams. They are the gateway to your unconscious, the mysterious, magical, shining world, full of many possibilities. Honour yourself, and never be afraid to be who you really are - we all have unique talents that don't necessarily fit in with the accepted world view.

15 May 2011

Founding a priory

The founding of Mountgrace Priory in North Yorkshire in 1398 involved a predictive dream.The founder,  Thomas Holland, had a dream of seven stars who knelt before him. He was then visited by seven men who knelt before him asking him for money to found the priory.

It's a wonderful, atmospheric place, and if you want the full story you can find it in the museum there. The Carthusian monks who lived there all lived separately, each in his own `cell'. This was not the tiny damp prison you might imagine, but a delightful little two story hobbit hole, with its own vegetable patch, private cloister and toilet with fresh, running water - and all meals delivered via a special little hatch. That was some dream!