30 Jul 2011


The Otherworld
Portal to the world of faery
The voice of the soul
Grace and swiftness
Mysteries of the forest and wild places

22 Jul 2011

Dream Swifts

Mastery of the air element
Joy and exuberance
Living on air

18 Jul 2011

Random Stones

One of the most fascinating aspects of dreamwork is the idea of metaphor - the way in which things can stand for, or remind us, of other things. So in a dream a cloud might represent foggy thinking, or a chair might suggest to us that it's time for us to `take a back seat'. This session is to help you explore metaphor through looking at an everyday object.

Go out for a walk and find a random stone. It can be any stone that presents itself - it might feel mysterious, heavy, fun, threatening, beautiful, ugly etc. The choice is entirely up to you. The stone in the picture is haematite, a very heavy, dark stone, so good for exploring deeply hidden issues and the shadow self.

When I first found the stone I saw a picture of a hooded thing on it. Can you see him? He is facing to the right, wearing a loose habit like a monk, with his hood drawn up over his head. I saw him as being very powerful, dangerous even, but very protective towards myself.

Many random images and metaphors can be seen from different angles, and viewed differently by different people.Or even by the same person on different occasions: this morning I see a new image in my stone. A figure with a wide, spreading protective cloak, holding and protecting a rather sad, crumpled smaller figure.

Have a good look at your own stone and then write about what you see and feel. It's a good idea to keep a special journal for this - you can read more about keeping a personal development journal in my new book Exploring Your Dreams, which is available on Amazon.

Now for a dream...take your random stone to bed and hold it in your left hand just before going to sleep. Say to yourself `I am programming this stone as a dream stone. I ask my unconscious to bring me a dream using this stone.'

Put the stone under your pillow. As soon as you wake up, either during the night or in the morning, see if you can recall a dream, or a dream snippet. Write it down in your journal.

  • Did your stone actually appear in your dream?
  • Did your dream relate to what you wrote about your stone in your journal before?
  • Is your stone telling you something?