21 Aug 2011

Cellars & Basements

Dreams involving cellars and basements are often about your past, or family history, or both. Think about stuff you have stored, repressed, shut away, not dealt with. Very likely stuff that you no longer need cluttering up your psyche!

The basement or cellar may also represent the unconscious - so if you find yourself exploring the cellar of a dream house then be prepared for thoughts, feelings or past experiences that you had forgotten about that may begin emerging into the light of day.

Take special note of how you feel when you are down there, and look for other clues such as the kind of house your cellar is in, the clothes you are wearing and so on. Pointers such as these may help you to pinpoint where and when the blocked or forgotten energy that is represented in your dream originated. Take note too of any obvious symbols - for example I dreamed the other day that I was trying to get into a bathroom in the basement to have a bath. This dream could be about something that I am trying to `cleanse' or release from my psyche. I `re-entered' this dream later on by visualising myself soaking in a deep bubble bath with candles. One could also do this in reality of course.

If you don't have a cellar/basement dream then you could try doing a waking visualisation exploring one. Imagine the house first, then find a door, go down the steps into the cellar and see what you've got stored away down there - it can be quite interesting!

4 Aug 2011

Dreaming in colour

Do you dream in colour?
I most definitely do - this painting was made after I dreamed about a tiny red dragon. But some people reckon not to. Interestingly this was more commonly reported when TV and films were black and white. Nowadays more people say they dream in colour.

Choose a colour you would like to work with. Let's say red, just as an example. Make yourself a red meditation altar on a table, or in a corner of your room. You could put a red candle on it, a red crystal, pictures of red things, red flowers and so on.

Choose one of your red things when you go to bed. Place it near where you sleep and just before you drift off, say to yourself, aloud if you like, but in your head is fine: tonight I would like to dream about red.

As soon as you wake up, write down any dreams you can recall. If there is something red in your dream pay special attention to its message.

You will find more about dreaming in colour in my book Exploring Your Dreams, which is available now.