21 Oct 2011


Birds are very important in the dream world and they often act as spiritual messengers, and as go-betweens between the inner and outer worlds. There are many useful websites that will help you to discover the particular energy of your dream birds. Obviously a lot depends on the type of bird you dream about. Here are a few suggestions to get you started, but remember, as always, your dream is unique to you and only you can discover its real truth.

Seagull - travel, the ocean, the unconscious, water element
Wren - small but powerful, busy, woodlands and trees
Robin - friend, gardens, tradition, earth, digging
Kingfisher - flash of inspiration, magic, water, rivers and pools, joyful spirit
Swift - freedom, mastery of flight, air, speed
Owl - night, secrets, death and rebirth, magic, psychic messages
Heron - water, poetry, patience, camouflage
Wild goose - travel, movement, adventure, call of the soul
Cockerel - wake up call, pride, flaunting your skills
Humming bird - dreams, the Otherworld, magic, manifesting
Cuckoo - return of spring, or new energy; mockery, cunning, concealment
Raven - ancient wisdom, Goddess power, death and rebirth, battles

You might already have some strong ideas of your own to add to these suggestions - why not start a Bird Oracle of your own in the back of your journal?

14 Oct 2011


If you dream about old junk it might mean that it's time for a good space-clearing session. This might be in the outer world, sorting out your wardrobe perhaps, or giving the kitchen a thorough going over.

Or it might be in the world of your psyche - is it time to take stock, move on, let go of old energy patterns and ways of thinking that are no longer helpful?

Have good look for other pointers in your dream:
  • Where is it set? Basements and cellars often connect with buried stuff we have shut away and are not keen to unearth. Attics might be to do with family history, or more spiritual matters (because they are `high up').
  • Who else is in the dream? Are there `issues' that need to be looked at in connection with those people?
  • How do you feel? Depressed? Energised? Confused? Scared?
  • Is the junk recognisable stuff - perhaps stuff from childhood, or earlier in your life. If so then your obstacle in life might be somehow connected with this period.
Sorting through junk also often occurs as part of the`delay' type of dream. Have a look at what kind of junk is holding you back.

6 Oct 2011


Most people dream about food from time to time. This may mean that you are actually hungry - but these dreams may also give clues to our feelings about security, or being nurtured or fulfilled.

If you dream about food take note of how you feel in your dream. Is the food stuff that you enjoy, or is it something that you dislike? Is it nutritious and wholesome, or is it rancid or off in some way?

Who is with you in your dream? Are you sharing the food amicably? Or is someone forcing you to eat something you don't like, or withholding food from you? Is the food interesting or is it dull, tasteless and boring?

Look for other clues as to what your dream is really about. Where is it set? How are you behaving in your dream?

3 Oct 2011

The Sea

The unconscious
The deep feminine
Travel and adventure
Boundaries and edges
Primeval energy
The ancestors