23 Nov 2011

Dream Nest

making a cosy home
a surprise discovery
air element
protecting something
nature and the countryside

13 Nov 2011

Dream Ruins

Ancient history
Your family?
A relationship?
The past
Unearthing things
Buried treasures
Something that was ruined
Past beliefs - do they still serve you or are they holding you back?

10 Nov 2011


Dreams about spiders provide a very good example of the way in which symbols and metaphors can mean very different things to different people. This is why one cannot interpret another person's dream - one can only help them to discover their own insights and truths.

For some people spiders are scary and threatening - probably especially true if you live in a part of the world where they may be poisonous. So for these people, spider dreams might be about something a bit scary that is emerging from the unconscious. But spiders are also mysterious and beautiful.
In shamanic spiritual traditions the whole of creation is often seen as a huge, shimmering, interconnected web of energy. Myths from all over the world describe Spider’s energy as the divine female energy. She is the weaver of destiny and the universe, the source of divine creativity. 

In Native American myth Grandmother Spider is the one who brings fire and teaches humans how to make fire-baked pottery as well as skills in spinning and weaving. One beautiful myth tells of how she laced a web with dew and threw it into the sky, where it became the myriad twinkling stars. The Dayaks of Borneo tell the story of how the world began with a spider hanging on a celestial web in the endless darkness of space. Gradually all kinds of creatures and plants landed on her web and became enmeshed in the fabric of creation. 

So spider dreams can also represent the quest for the Soul Centre, and the idea of being both centred within the self and simultaneously connected with all that is - like Spider, sitting at the centre of her cosmic web, with her delicate feet on all the strands. In other words there is a great awareness of the oneness of everything, including that which we normally tend to see as a small and separate Self.