29 Feb 2012

Bitten by an animal

If you dream that you are bitten by an animal what does it mean? Well, a lot depends upon what kind of animal it is, and what you personally feel about that kind of animal. It might well mean that your unconscious is trying to get your attention about something in quite a forceful way.

Everyone feels differently about different kinds of animals, but here are a few suggestions that might resonate with you in some way. If not, make your own list!

Cat - secrecy, cunning, deep feminine, night, hidden things, self-sufficiency, lazing by the fire
Dog - faithful companion, barking, following, obedience
Horse - travel, moving on, new horizons
Snake - deep feminine power, betrayal, cunning, healing, rebirth
Cow - domesticity, nurturing, simplicity
Mouse - small, hidden things, fear, secrecy, timidity
Crab - `crabbiness', watery issues (ie emotions), hiding, protecting oneself

If you do have a dream where you are bitten by an animal then write in your journal what your feelings are about that kind of animal. Do they make you feel afraid? Empowered? Do you know any members of this species personally? Research stories and myths about your animal as well, and see if they crop up in your `real' world too.

25 Feb 2012


Dreams about falling are quite common and can take many different forms, such as falling off a cliff, down a hole, out of a tree and so on. Sometimes they are associated with the actual process of falling asleep, when our muscles relax and we sometimes twitch and jerk. Some people believe they are associated with entering the astral body - a non-physical, spiritual aspect of the self.

Falling dreams may occur at times of transition, life crisis or accelerated personal growth, often when you feel out of your depth in some way. If you have a falling dream write it down and then look at some of the main aspects such as:

where is the dream set?
who are you in your dream?
what do you fall down?
do you feel afraid, or liberated in some way?
are there other characters on your dream?

For more about falling dreams, plus other common dream themes such as flying, being watched etc., you may like to refer to my new book Exploring Your Dreams - see sidebar.