28 Mar 2012

Shoes and Feet

Shoes in dreams often reflect aspects of your self image and/or sexuality. Here are some points to consider:
  • Are they nice comfortable shoes?
  • Too tight or too loose?
  • Odd or unusual in some way?
  • What colour are they? For example red shoes could be very sexy!
  • Do you keep them on? Take them off?
  • Are they easy to put on/wear?
  • Are they yours, or do they belong to someone else?
  • Consider phrases such as `standing in someone else's shoes'
  • Think about folklore stories eg seven league boots
Your feet are your contact with the ground, with the earth, and they also take you to new places. If you are barefoot in your dream it might indicate you are taking, or wanting to take a more natural approach to life in some way. Maybe this could be about natural medicine, being more in touch with the earth, taking up gardening, going for walks or adopting a more natural diet?
Dreams about shoes sometimes relate to childhood - for example perhaps you can remember the feeling of triumph when your feet went up a size!

26 Mar 2012

Eggs and Nests

Dreams about eggs and nests are often to do with schemes and ideas that you are incubating and/or hatching. What new energy are you drawing into your life? What direction would you like your life to take?

Sometimes the colour of the eggs is important - like these beautiful sky blue song thrush eggs carefully hidden amongst the old dead branches on the woodland floor. What would they mean as a metaphor, if they appeared in your dream? Old dead branches might be something that you have shed and discarded because you no longer need it. And sky blue is the colour of throat chakra energy, so it might be something to do with speaking or expressing yourself clearly.

If you dream about nests and/or eggs, then take especial note of the context of the dream as well. Where is it set? Who else is in your dream if anybody? And how do you feel - excited? cosy? worried? angry?

8 Mar 2012

Cupboards and Boxes

Dreams involving cupboards and boxes are often about issues that you have hidden away, stored, or forgotten. Here are some questions you can ask in your journal after wrting down your dream:
How big is the cupboard or box?
It it is an odd size eg huge or tiny, then this might be significant.
Is a real one that you know, or knew in the past?
If so then think about issues, past or present, that might relate to it. eg it is the wardrobe my clothes were kept in when I was a child. So think about issues around clothes that you wore then.
Is it open/shut/locked?
If it's open, then maybe hidden stuff is coming to light. If shut then maybe you need to open it. If locked - can you find the key, if there is one?
Can you open it?
If not then try to re-enter your dream (by relaxing and visualising the scene) and find a way, unless it feels too scary to do this. If it feels scary then journal about why. If you do get it open, then take note of whether it opens easily or not.
What is inside?
Describe the contents. Do any of them have special significance? eg it contains a necklace my mother wore.
Is it big enough for you to get to get inside?
If so then it could be related to childhood - most of us liked hiding in cupboards as children! Or does this feel scary?