27 May 2012

Dream Ghost

Fears and blocks
Something to do with the past
Something to do with someone who is dead
The unconscious/ collective unconscious
The shadow self
Something you can only glimpse
Ancestral wisdom
Festival of Samhain

26 May 2012


Libraries are places where we can find all sorts of things - knowledge, enlightenment, entertainment, relaxation, peace, information, networking...If you dream about visiting a library it may very well offer some important pointers on your path to self awareness.Write about your library in your journal.

Describe the building. Is it modern or ancient? The age and type of building might help you to think about the kind of knowledge your unconscious is pointing you towards.
Is your library in a good state, or is it crumbling or inaccessible in some way?
What sort of books do you notice in your library? Describe them. Do they inspire you, or give you some important information? Or are they about subjects that you feel wary of?
Are there other people there? If so do you talk to them? Do they say anything?
How do you feel in your library?

If you are trying to make a decision, or struggling with a problem of some kind, it might be helpful to visit an inner library in meditation. Simply go somewhere quiet, get really  relaxed and then imagine you are entering your library. Visualise it in as much detail as possible and explore it at your leisure. Then journal about it.

Of course you could always visit a real library as well. Who knows, you might come across some useful books by me, such as the two books on Freud and Jung above, or my my dream book Exploring Your Dreams! For more details, explore the sidebar to the right and the tab Books by Me, above.

24 May 2012


If you dream about a gravestone it might be because you are thinking about a person who has died, or someone you are worried about. Or it might be related to something in your life, or an aspect of your psyche, that you have let go of, or perhaps something long buried. Or something that needs to die or be let go.

Describe your gravestone in your journal.
How big is it?
What is it made of?
Is there writing on it?
Whose grave is it marking?
What about dates? Is there one visible? If so, what does this date mean to you?
How do you feel in the dream?
Scared? Then it might be a warning dream.
Curious? Do you want to know more?

You might want to take this dream further by visiting a local cemetery and journalling about what you find and how it makes you feel.This can be an interesting thing to do even if you have not had a gravestone dream.

23 May 2012

Dream Fish

Exploring the water element
Dream world
`Cold fish'
`Fish out of water'
`Fishing' for something
Piscean person

22 May 2012


Dreaming about a maze might suggest that you are searching for something, or looking for the right direction to take. It could be about your work, your love life, or perhaps your spiritual path.

If you dream about a maze you might like to consider some of these points:
Is anyone else in the maze?
If so are they exploring with you, or do you encounter them along the way?
Do they say anything to you? How do you react to their words?
How do you feel about them? Do they resemble anyone you know, or aspire to be like?
Do you encounter any objects? If so what? Write about the objects in your journal. What do they mean to you?
Do you come to any special places, or rooms within the maze? If so then write about them too.
Maybe you encounter an animal, a bird or a monster. If so then write about your associations and feelings.
Do you get to middle of the maze? Is so, how does this feel? Does it give you a sense of achievement? Or is it scary in some way, or disappointing perhaps?

Even if you have not had a maze dream, you can do this as a visualisation. Simply sit or lie down in a relaxed position, and then imagine that you are entering the maze and see what you find in there!

Sum up your maze exploration by writing about it in your journal.