13 Dec 2012

What does it mean?

Dream oracles and dream dictionaries can be helpful to get ideas flowing about what your dream might mean, but it is not a good idea to go too overboard on them. In actual fact you, and you alone, are the expert on your own dreams. Supposing you check out an entry in a dream dictionary, or talk to somebody else about one of your dreams and they offer an explanation that does not feel quite right to you? Remember that you don’t necessarily have to take these ideas on board. That nagging doubt might actually be putting you in touch with your own `gut feeling’ about a dream, and so bring you closer to a true understanding.

Dream symbols may have many meanings. There are common meanings that most people would understand; archetypal meanings that are common to all human beings; plus personal meanings, that are known only to yourself. For example - supposing you dream about a horse. Many people might recognise the horse as a symbol of travel, progress, a powerful animal that moves swiftly and carries us to new horizons.

But maybe for you that is linked with a memory of a particular animal that you knew. That animal might be a loved pet, in which case your dream might link up with happy memories. Or it might be a horse that galloped off with you and terrified you out of your wits. In this case the dream might be hinting that you feel out of control, scared in some way. See how different the interpretation then becomes!

This is why dream dictionaries and oracles should only be used as helpful aids rather than being seen as giving you truth that is cast in stone. Don't be afraid to look deeper and find your own meanings. And you can find a lot more ideas to help you in my book Exploring Your Dreams.

7 Dec 2012

Frost Flowers

There are tiny, beautiful things everywhere, even in the depths of winter. The trick is to notice them and appreciate them. When I was a child I thought that Jack Frost made the exquisite frost flowers that adorned our windows on winter mornings. You could certainly easily think that these patterns had been wrought by a fairy craftsman.