11 Feb 2013

Grass in dreams

What does it mean if I dream about grass?

This is the kind of question that I am often asked and of course there is no direct answer. All those dream oracle books can only give you a traditional meaning - which might be relevant to you, or it might not. That's why I give plenty of different suggestions when I do my little Dream Oracle posts and Tweets.

Grass for instance, might mean various things. Think about common phrases such as
Put out to grass
Grass roots
The grass is greener on the other side of the fence
Your dream might be hinting at one of those connections. Maybe you feel it is time you retired; time you got down to earth; or that you are envious of someone?

But grass might have other, totally different associations for you. Cannabis for example! Or maybe your dream is reminding you of an idyllic day in your teens when you lay on your back at looked at the sky. (Maybe these two meanings are related!) The real point is that you and only you can get to the real metaphorical meanings in your dreams. Write your dream down in your journal and then write about whatever connections arise. That way you will get closer to understanding what your unconscious is telling you.

1 Feb 2013


Alder is another tree that, like willow, flowers very early in the year. Its long, yellow, lambs-tail catkins are already dancing in the cold wind, and you can still see last years neat little seed cones as well. The tree is a survivor - it grows happily on poor and wet soil in northern Europe. You will find it growing on river banks and by ponds and marshes. The timber is a fascinating deep rich orange-red colour when cut, which made it a very magical tree because it appears to bleed. The sap can be used to make a red ink or dye. Because the wood is oily it was used for the foundations of medieval buildings such as those in Venice, and for causeways across boggy ground.

Alder is associated with divination and prophecy, and with the god Bran, whose magical, oracular  head was buried at the place where the Tower of London was later built. He is associated with ravens and you will still find them at the Tower today. Wands and whistles made of alder wood are used in weather magic.