7 Jun 2013

Grass Verges

I have been so delighted that this year, with the cut-backs, the local council have not been mowing the grass verges on our estate. A feast of wild flowers and grasses has sprung up - so wonderful for our endangered bumble bees, butterflies etc and my little granddaughters have been delighted with the free flowers too.

So I was really sad yesterday when men appeared with noisy, polluting mowing equipment and chopped the lot down, just at the wrong time before the wild flowers have had a chance to set seed :-(
How about a nation-wide`don't mow your verges' campaign? All those little strips right across the country must add up to a huge number of teeny little meadows. If councils could be persuaded to mow just once, later on in the year, the verges could be managed as mini-meadows. Local schoolchildren could be taken to visit them and learn the names of the flowers - start them early and get them keen on wildlife. And the councils would get to save money too. Win win.

I know a lot of people think the long grass looks untidy and to them the wild flowers are just weeds. But maybe we can persuade them to think differently...please pass the idea on to your local council, wildlife organisations etc!