7 Nov 2014

Getting Ready for Winter

It's Samhain now - the winter quarter of the year which begins at Halloween. Not very cold as yet here in UK, but the birds are very busy on the feeders and my red squirrel is back, busily gathering hazel nuts. In the garage we found a welly half filled with sunflower seeds - it must have taken a little wood mouse days and days of hard labour and we felt very guilty clearing it out.

The trees are ready for winter too - their branches are suddenly quite bare after a few nights of stormy wind and rain. Another job for me, clearing the dead leaves out of the pond. But I don't mind - I love being out in the garden, just pottering about, noticing the chill in the air now, the way the clouds seem thinner and higher, listening to the kestrel calling up the back field. And the bare branches have such subtle, earthy colours, and you can see the intrictate shapes and forms of lichen and moss. I might try some artwork based on these.

All wild things are preparing for winter, the time of rest and long sleep and dreams. I've noticed myself growing sleepier, spending longer in bed and my dreams are back after quite a long absence. And I've got my knitting out again - time for those cosy activities by the fire.