29 Jan 2015

Winter Meditation

Pussy Willow and a light dusting of snow. 
The furry silver buds will open into catkins later, but the tree is in no hurry.
Winter is a time for rest and reflection. 
Go slow. 
Allow yourself time out. 
Lie on the floor and allow stress and tension to seep away into the earth. 

25 Jan 2015

Something is Stirring in the Woods

January can be a challenging month weather-wise. We have had gales and torrential rain this year, so all the more important to get outside when you can. I felt a bit like a bear coming out of hibernation when we went for a stroll along the River Calder yesterday. And I was thrilled to see that we were not the only ones stirring in the woods. There are clumps of snowdrops coming up!

This morning another surprise - as I opened the back door I was greeted by wild, magical cries and looked up to see several skeins of wild geese flying north for the start of their spring migration. Probably going to meet up with others at Caerlaverock, just over the Solway in Scotland.

17 Jan 2015

A Different Angle

The other day a friend asked me how often I meditate. Fact is, I try it periodically, but I don't seem to be particularly good at it - I get fidgety! I came to the conclusion that I do a moving kind of meditation to music when I do my yoga, and I also meditate a lot without even trying when I am out in nature.

This time of year I find trees particularly beautiful. You get to see the bare branches and fascinating  shapes that they make against wintry skies. Sometimes I like to look at them from a different angle - I lie down under them, or maybe just stand with my back against the trunk and look up. Trees are great teachers of stillness, especially at this time of year, when they are sleeping. I've been doing a lot of that myself over the last two months!.