26 Mar 2015

Hedgehog Poo

I discovered evidence in my garden this morning of a very welcome little visitor emerging from hibernation. This is hedgehog poo!

You might not get to see these nocturnal animals, and they are actually getting quite rare apparently, so I was really glad to find the droppings.  They are about 6-8 cms long, and sausage shaped. If you do  find some in your garden you might like to help your hedgehog through the lean period for food by leaving out a little cat food. Apparently they enjoy it mixed with porridge oats and hopefully that might dicourage the neighbourhood cats from cashing in!


Manda said...

How do you tell the difference between hedgehog and cat poo? I would have written that off as the latter!

Ruth said...

Cat poo is bigger and smellier and they usually bury it.

Manda said...

Mmm. Maybe we have hedgehogs too! Although it's been a while since I've seen any small poos (only just started cutting the grass again).