7 Mar 2015

Knitting as Meditation

I have just finished knitting this pair of rainbow welly socks. They were quite a challenge as I designed them myself and had to unravel the first one several times - but I enjoy experimenting and seeing how things turn out. And for me knitting is a form of meditation - I find the gentle, repetitive movement and the soft sounds of wool and needles clicking really get me relaxed and `into the zone'.

I am currently reading a book abut fairy encounters, written at the beginning of the last century, and I was enchanted to read about some old women in Ireland who were sitting knitting in the shelter of a hedge when they had their vision. No doubt they were in the same state of slightly altered consciousness that I find myself drifting into. I often feel a connection to my mother when I knit, as she was also a great knitter. And beyond her, back and back, through generations of ancestors. I wonder how old the craft is and who first invented it?

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Manda said...

Ooo, fab docks!