15 Sep 2015

Sea Mayweed

This newcomer has appeared in my garden this summer and I think it's sea mayweed. I don't know where it has sprung from - maybe from a random wild flower seed packet scattered last year, and now forgotten about? But I have left it alone because it looks pretty, the bees and other insects love it and I love this kind of random, wildlife gardening. Daisy family - obviously - but much bigger than the lawn variety and the leaves are quite different. Some of the leaves in the picture - the broad ones - are of lemon balm (which the bees also love). The mayweed leaves are the finely cut, feathery ones.

The name is misleading, because it doesn't flower in May, but in late summer. It actually derives from the Old English name for a maiden, because it was used in healing women's problems. It grows all over the place on waste ground, not only by the sea.

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