29 Oct 2015

Ghost Finger Puppet

Here are some little friends for your tiny knitted pumpkin. Again, they are easy to make.

Cast on 14 sts (I used DK and 3.5mm needles, but you can experiment.)
Knit 17 rows garter stitch (ie every row is plain.)
K2tog at each end of next 5 rows (4sts)
Knit 1 row
k2tog twice (2sts)
K 1 row
K2tog, then cast off, leaving a long strand of yarn for sewing up.

Now embroider eyes with contrasting chain stitch while your ghost is still flat:
Sew up, turn right way out.
Pick up and knit 4 stitches down one side of ghost
k 3 rows
K1 K2tog, K1 (3sts)
K one row
K1 K2tog (2sts)
K one row
Cast off by k2tog.
Now work second arm. 

27 Oct 2015

Knit a Tiny Pumpkin

There's a cheeky little visitor in Ruth's Cauldron this morning and he's looking forward to playing with all the ghostly visitors at Samhain!

Here's how to knit him - it's an easy pattern, so older children will enjoy making him too.(Please test the pattern for me and let me know if it makes sense!)

Using orange DK, cast on 6 stitches (any average sized needles will do.)
Row 1  Increase in each stitch knitwise through front and back loop. (12 st)
Row 2  Increase again in each st in the same way (24sts)
Row 3 (K2 P1) repeat to end
Rows 4- 12  Continue to work as above in K2 P1 ribbing
Row 13   (K2tog) repeat to end (12sts)
Row 14 (k2tog) repeat to end (6sts) 

Cut yarn, leaving enough length for sewing up. 
Pull yarn through remaining 6 sts, using a darning needle.
Sew up side seam
Stitch end closed.

Embroider eyes with a black chain stitch, and make a zig zag grin.

Stalk - (This bit is crocheted - if you can't crochet yet then this is the easiesr stitch to learn. Or devise your own knitted stalk...)
Pick up 3 dc round the top using green yarn.
Work another round of dc
Finish off.

He's very sociable, so you'll need to make him a few friends!


2 Oct 2015


I must be a Viking apparently. Mind you that comes as no surprise with my northern British ancestry. Apparently the Danes practice hygge - the art of cosy happiness and snuggling up. Well we do that all the time in our family! Here's a few of the basic essentials that spring to mind:
  • We always sit together as a family at the table to share meals - and no smart phones, tablets etc. This is a time for family togetherness and exchange of news.
  • We always light a candle in the centre of the table, even in summer. It's a small celebration of the specialness of meal times.
  • We eat home cooked food as much as possible, baking our own bread and using salad, fruit and veg from our own garden when it's in season.
  • We have lots of lamps around the house - we don't like harsh over-head lighting.
  • We have cosy blankets concealed behind chairs and sofas, available to snuggle up in at any time - frequently with company!
  • If there is negative energy around we open the windows and burn incense and occasionally do drumming to get rid of it.
  • One room is set aside as a sanctuary, for yoga and meditation.
Here's an article about hygge on the BBC website. How do you make your home cosy?