2 Oct 2015


I must be a Viking apparently. Mind you that comes as no surprise with my northern British ancestry. Apparently the Danes practice hygge - the art of cosy happiness and snuggling up. Well we do that all the time in our family! Here's a few of the basic essentials that spring to mind:
  • We always sit together as a family at the table to share meals - and no smart phones, tablets etc. This is a time for family togetherness and exchange of news.
  • We always light a candle in the centre of the table, even in summer. It's a small celebration of the specialness of meal times.
  • We eat home cooked food as much as possible, baking our own bread and using salad, fruit and veg from our own garden when it's in season.
  • We have lots of lamps around the house - we don't like harsh over-head lighting.
  • We have cosy blankets concealed behind chairs and sofas, available to snuggle up in at any time - frequently with company!
  • If there is negative energy around we open the windows and burn incense and occasionally do drumming to get rid of it.
  • One room is set aside as a sanctuary, for yoga and meditation.
Here's an article about hygge on the BBC website. How do you make your home cosy?

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