29 Oct 2015

Ghost Finger Puppet

Here are some little friends for your tiny knitted pumpkin. Again, they are easy to make.

Cast on 14 sts (I used DK and 3.5mm needles, but you can experiment.)
Knit 17 rows garter stitch (ie every row is plain.)
K2tog at each end of next 5 rows (4sts)
Knit 1 row
k2tog twice (2sts)
K 1 row
K2tog, then cast off, leaving a long strand of yarn for sewing up.

Now embroider eyes with contrasting chain stitch while your ghost is still flat:
Sew up, turn right way out.
Pick up and knit 4 stitches down one side of ghost
k 3 rows
K1 K2tog, K1 (3sts)
K one row
K1 K2tog (2sts)
K one row
Cast off by k2tog.
Now work second arm. 

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