8 Feb 2016

Just another broken bottle, or...

...a place to call home!

This is a colony of goose barnacles I found on the beach after the latest storm. Their home is a mobile one! If you look in this second picture you can just make out the neck of the broken bottle they are all clinging on to.


31 Jan 2016

Strawberry Knitting Pattern

I've been having fun designing this strawberry cardigan for one of my small grandchildren. I couldn't find a suitable pattern for the little strawberry motifs, so I invented some of my own. They are embroidered on after knitting, using Swiss Darning. Here's the chart of the ones I designed. (I didn't use all of them on this cardigan.)

Design Copyright Ruth Snowden 2016

Feel free to use this design and pass it on - but please pass on the link to my blog and acknowledge my design work! And if you click on Cocklepuss below he will take you to Hildaland, where you can find lots of stories for children, including one for pre-school children with ideas for spring activities.