17 Mar 2017

Brigit's Bird

That's it then! Yesterday I finally sacked my agent after all these years. Communication was never his strong point, but this time he's been completely silent for months and enough is enough. After composing The Letter, I spent the rest of the morning depressingly trawling through children's literary agents looking for new writing. Forget it. I don't live anywhere near London (where's London?). I'm not a TV celebrity or an Olympic Athlete. No way is my work commercial - and I am definitely NOT into pink sparkly princesses, perish the thought. 

Decided to give up and design a train to embroider onto my latest knitted project for a grandchild. Finally found the squared graph paper and lo and behold a small, rough sketch fell out from between the pages. Unfinished work, the tentative beginnings of ideas for a picture of oyster catchers that I did a couple of years ago. Brigit's bird, wild and free, the messenger of inspiration and creativity.

That afternoon I took The Letter to go by recorded delivery and the young man at the Post Office seemed to be trying to chat me up. He asked me how I was and what I was doing tonight, even though I had never clapped eyes on him before. Wondered if he had forgotten his glasses, but hey, it cheered me up! After that went for a cold, wet windy walk on the beach and lo and behold, two oyster catchers swooping along the shore with their spine-tingling, wild piping calls. Some new energy is stirring - and I do love a good synchronicity!